Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women

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Second Edition

In this second edition, Thom Singer and Marny Lifshen update their award winning content customized for women in the workplace. Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women is the ideal book for women in any industry who know that their success is tied to people. This book is a practical guide packed with useful tips, creative techniques and real-world stories that are relevant for women today. It is written so that every woman will benefit from reading it regardless of profession, age, location, or stage of life. It inspires women who are not active networkers to make it a part of their lives, and helps those who do currently network become even more effective. The book provides: – insight on how networking is different for men and women – an understanding of what networking really is and why it is important – tips on how to use your inherent skills and styles to your advantage – resources for where and how to start networking – practical and effective skills and tools for networking – a new way to look at networking for mothers (both working and stay at home).